Winter arrives

It’s the first of June, the first day of winter for us, and it was a soft clear day, warmer than the days leading up to it.  Farmers were burning off again and I can hear a tractor working a field in across from us.  [Notice I said ‘working’ to avoid saying what exactly they are doing, as I’m not so sure!]

We are all ready for a good rain, although we have been spoiled already this year with the Queensland cyclones that sent good soaking rains in late summer and more rain early in autumn.  The rest of the country had floods to deal with.  Queensland especially.

Drought has been the standard condition here since I bought my block, late 1999.  Last year was the only good one, and for that I thank Quentin Smith.

Quentin used to praise God for any rain, even if it were only a couple of mm.  He died last year, and they held a memorial service for him on the 22nd May, a day much like today, soft and sunny and perfect.  The next day rain came, and it lasted a week.  And the year turned out to be the best one since 1989.



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