Trees for Life

A few days ago Rodney Smith came to rip and the planting of my yearly allotment of Trees for Life trees began in earnest.  (Previously the kids had planted 19 trees).  96 went in the first day and 70 the next which left my legs not wanting to work.  Only 500+ trees to go!

Last year was the first year I did Trees for Life.  It only costs $100 each year and you get 500 seedlings to plant, or if you raise them yourself, up to 1000.  I get volunteer growers in Adelaide to raise them for me as I am lousy at planting from seed.  In the vegie patch I am happier putting in a punnet and off they go.  I know seeds are more economical but I always forget to water the sods.

I only got 250-300 of the trees in last year.  This year thanks to the milder summer, the seedlings all thrived and there ended up being 700 of them.  So that’s why I got serious with the planting.  I got Rodney to rip a couple of areas on the southern side of the block which is already dotted with prickly wattle (Acacia victoriae).

One day, about 5 years from now, I’d like beehives out there amongst those trees.  While the trees grow I’ll be reading about bees and visiting apiaries etc.  I want bees, I want honey.  I’m not exactly sure why; I just do.

This is where I am doing my revege work this year.


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