Decisions, decisions

So what do I write about next?

This seems to be the story of my life.   I always seem to have 10 or more projects on the go, and be incapable of finishing any of them.  Last week I was all set to cross the pond off the list, it was going to be back in action at last, only the pond paint blistered and bubbled in some parts, and it will have to be redone.

I have gotten 231 of the TFL trees in now – 450 or so to go;  there are carport bits to be scraped and painted, a stone wall to finish at the front of the house, things to repair, pavers to lay, shale to spread, dirty dishes in the sink and a load of washing to hang out.  Dinner is cooking as I type.

On the plus side, this time last year I was hooked on facebook games, especially the zynga ones, and daydreaming about starting a gardening blog.  I wanted to call it “A Gardener’s Blog” but someone beat me to it.  Two things got me galvanized, one was a visit by Lyle who saw the garden for what it was;  a sad and sorry mess, and the other was seeing Sharon’s garden, and what that woman had achieved in one year.  Now I have caught her disease, and want everything done yesterday.

So thanks to those two.


One response to this post.

  1. I ended up starting on the scraping and painting of the carport bits, horrible un-fun job that it is. But it must be done.


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