The sound of one beer can opening

I am happy because I have just planted 27 wattles (Acacia iteaphylla) around my septic orchard.  And I certainly deserve a [sound of beer can opening].  And it has just started to rain softly.  Night has fallen so it’s spaghetti again for tea but never mind.

The septic orchard has always been one of those problem areas, a part of the garden which I cannot picture as being any better than it currently is, where as a lot of the place is done or at least planned and I am only waiting for the trees to grow.  I planted two rows bunch of fruit trees July 2009 along the french drain and expected them to go wild with all the water down there.  They didn’t. [A shorter third row was added July 2010].

Problem area number one!

The soil is part of the problem, as the top soil got piled up in a heap and was lost underneath clay.  Some of it was put where I want my carport.  What went in the drain was the clay from underneath.  Which few plants love.  Only the weeds grew like mad.

Eventually I worked out that I might as well plant lawn there as I can’t have lawn anywhere else on the block, and not long afterwards Sharon arrived with 3 bags of lawn runners from her place.  They went in a few days ago.  The fruit trees also needed protection from hot and cold winds, hence the 27 wattles.  They will grow nice and bushy and I’ll end up with a hidden garden.  I can just see a little garden seat at the other end of the 2 rows under the fig trees…


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