Oh, the garden

Well apart from the re-veg efforts there are a few places on my block where I have attempted to make garden beds.

The first garden bed goes back to 2005, and by 2006 a purple theme was emerging.  Somewhere I had read that purple was the colour of sexual frustration, and to cut to the chase, I was in a what you might call a dry period in my marriage.  Child #4, an accident had just been born (despite contraceptives),  so I wasn’t getting any!

Behind the purple garden we planted mainly citrus which very rarely receive enough water to fruit with, but there are a few mandarins this year.

The purple garden

The purple garden

This photo certainly captures the dryness of where I live.  But after 2 reasonable winters and one really good winter, it was looking like this last spring:

Purple garden looking much more purple!

Of course the odd layer of mulch has done wonders too.

Irises. A hailstorm cut them to ribbons some days later!

Said hubby died May 2009 so I am in danger of turning the whole place purple!  The most important gardening tip I learnt from him was to plant plants deeply so there was a little hollow you could fill with water over summer.




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