Edi’s garden

The next bit of garden I started in 2009, planting around a cavity in the ground where I thought I might make a pond once my youngest child was old enough.  The first plants went in on May 4, 2009.  My other half died 2 days later, so naturally it became Edi’s (Eddie’s) garden.  The hole in the ground was from when he made adobes for what was supposed to be a deluxe guinea pig house.

The origin of the frog pond

The origin of the frog pond

I had been reading about permaculture when I designed Edi’s garden, and the intention was to make a frost free zone (ha ha!), with an arc of eremophila diverting the cold area around the garden and the pond itself helping to warm it.

Edi’s garden, soon after the first planting

Out of the 24 Eremophila maculata brevifolia I planted, exactly 2 survived.  They hated the cold, they hated the hot, they hated the wet, they hated the dry.  I really should have planted them in autumn rather than mid winter.  So the following year in autumn I planted again, this time with the hardier Eremophila maculata.  So far so good.

Starting to look like a garden!

In late Spring last year, I suddenly realized my baby had grown up enough, so it was time for the pond to go in.  I dug the hole out a bit, lined it with newspaper, and the kids helped me lay the black plastic.  I put slates around, added water and voila, it was ready.  A neighbour offered me some duckweed, which did the job of keeping my daughters and their friends from swimming in it!

The frog pond

One week later, we made an excursion to a local waterhole to collect some tadpoles and some sedges, and life began.  Later I hit all the nurseries looking for water plants, and over summer a friend of my mother’s in Adelaide gave me lots more plants to put in it.

The weather was starting to get hot though, and as evaporation became a real problem, I had no choice than to cover the pond over summer.

Edi’s garden last summer with pond protected from sun and wind

Then, in mid January 2011, a miracle.  I stepped outside one night and heard a croak!  Joy of joys!  And by the end of summer it became a chorus of croaks.


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