Where’s the rain?

Last week my mother was moaning that it had rained all day down there in Adelaide.  Well send some up here, I told her.  It is only early Spring yet it has been 4 weeks since there was enough rain to wet the soil.  Prayers are being said around the place.

Today I had to go get water from the town standpipe in my 100o litre container which sits on the trailer and start the watering, mutter mutter, something I usually don’t have to start until November.  As I watered the north wind blew, sapping all my energy.  It is time to put all my dream garden thoughts aside in favour of one that will survive, and thank God I haven’t overextended myself.

Or have I?  For tomorrow I must get a second trailer (no town water out here) and water my Trees For Life trees.  I am a little fearful of how many might not have made it this far.

On the plus side, I’m done with the painting of carport bits!  Hooray.  And it will be a one-mow year again.



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