Here comes the heat

November is here which means the hot weather has arrived and summer is about to.  Last week we had some good old November storms and some downpours for the garden, so right now things are growing, although watering is still needed to get through the next couple of days which will be around 40 degrees (that’s Celsius).

November storm rolls in one morning.

Every November in between those downpours I have a last burst of creativity in the garden, when I dream up lots of new projects to tackle.  It’s too late to start them – for the next 3 months it will be too hot to do anything outside except for endless watering.  But if any of the projects were any good, I’ll still be wanting to do them next March.

At the moment I have a half finished stone wall and paving under the verandah to complete, but I’m running out of time if I hoped to finish them this year!  The paving I can do thanks to shade, but it’s also the busy pre-Christmas time of the year.

I am hoping that once the paving is done that the centipedes will stop coming in.  Last summer one came in one day when my youngest son was on the Xbox.  It marched straight over the top of said Xbox, then it actually went straight across the on-off button and the thing turned off, and then it continued towards him like something out of a horror movie.


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