Water water water…

If you haven’t heard from me for a while it is because of Christmas then summer holidays, with all that these things bring, ie 5 people queuing for turns on the computer, etc etc.

Not much is going on in the garden except for the endless watering.  This week I did the monthly watering of my Trees for life trees.  This planting has been a triumph.  I’m making a note here:  huge success.  For in this aridy place 60 percent of what the kids and I planted are still alive!  It’s wonderful to see things that have been in the ground about 6 months thrive on little more than the bit of rain we’ve had.  Wish they would grow like this closer to the house.  But it’s been the ripping that has made all the difference, and it’s too late to bring the tractor around my garden now.

The second half of January is usually the hardest time of the year for the plants, with mongrel weather.  Looking forward to a February downpour!



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