Yellow Flags

I should not blog on any further without a mention of Kate Llewellyn, a poet who has published some journals with a lot of writing about her garden in them, and this blog would not exist if I had not read them.  My favourites are The Waterlily and Playing with Water.  These books and some of her others got me through some recent tough years.

Incidentally, this is what Kate writes about the colour yellow in The Waterlily:  “I keep thinking of the colour yellow.  It is full of hope and I wave it like a flag in my mind.  Yellow flags for the faint of heart.”  When I re-read this after writing about the colour of hope last year, I realised where the idea must have come from.

She lives in Adelaide, South Australia these days and last year I took a chance and visited her.  Here we are in her current garden –  she is still writing her journals.

It felt a momentous day, and it was.  Then two days later the Japanese tsunami happened.



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