Dirt under my nails again

At last the day I’ve been waiting for it here, the first day of the planting season.  It’s one of my favourite days of the year.  Another favourite day is the first day it is cool enough to get out my trackie pants and ugg boots.  My favourite days used to be my birthday and Christmas.  Bit sad that they are not anymore.

Here in our part of the world, the Flinders Ranges, the best month for planting is March, and after that, April.  May to August are mediocre, while September to November are still good for tougher species of plants.  But nothing beats a March planting for getting a plant strong enough to handle its first summer.

With rain on its way this week I have been getting as much in as I can.  This morning I’ve planted a few things in Edi’s garden, including a salvia which was a cutting from Kate Llewellyn.  I also put in some more wormwood for the hedge around the orchard near the chooks.  I have been trying to grow this hedge for 3 years, and only one side is up and running.

Now I can look at plants at nurseries, and the kids will moan as I will have to “just have a quick look” each time I pass one!


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