Sharon and the SAKG.

It’s the middle of winter and I have not being gardening because I am at the bottom of my gardening cycle.  It’s up in autumn and spring and down in summer and winter.  And we are having one of those dry winters with plenty of cold but not much wet.

Progress is happening around the house though, my back verandah is partly done almost three years after I began asking a local tradesman.  He’s not like the rest, he works quietly with no radio blaring.

I miss the times I had with Sharon last year, the cuppas at each others houses, spending hours in her wonderful garden and coming home inspired to work on mine.  It’s come a long long way since we first became friends.

But this year she has moved on to bigger and better things, having gotten a job as garden specialist at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden at  our local school.  On the positive side, this is my big chance to catch up with her, because she is at work most of the week, and work in her own garden has almost come to a stop!

Sharon with Maggie and Stephanie at the Quorn Area School garden


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  1. Hello dear friend, I didn’t realize you had a blog online, (some years back by the looks of things,) nor that I had made you feel that way. I cherish every moment we get to catch up to this day. And work can never replace true friends. It just gets in the way of what once was a more flexible schedule, that’s all. See you soon…XX


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