How to make it rain (or stop)

I woke with a sore shoulder and bruises on my leg, no doubt from last nights job with the new tank.  Earlier in the week I bought tap fittings etc, but I still had that nasty job of propping up the inside of this tank whose top had also caved in.  My teenage son helped and as neither of have much brawn we had to employ brains plus prayers for further brain waves.

The job became more urgent when approaching clouds brought rain, rain that is much waited for around here.  Trouble was as soon as the tank was sorted and catching water the rain stopped.

Clouds hover but pass by and I have got some washing going in the machine to try and “make” it rain.  Another good way is to water the garden.

There seems to be more ways of getting the rain to stop when you live in a dry place.  Here are a few.

1. Bring damp washing in if clouds appear.

2. Study the radar at  Forbidden when you want rain – it will dry up as soon as it gets near the Port Augusta power station.

3.  Decide to let the garden wait a bit longer before watering to ‘see what will happen’.

4. Get hopeful about the weather report.  The weather report will be wrong.  The only report I trust is word of mouth, because rain usually comes when everyone is talking about it.

5.  Postpone any activity that needs dry weather, painting, weed spraying, etc.

When it does rain


2 responses to this post.

  1. We have similar here in Central Victoria. Blue sky this morning so I did a load of washing, fifteen minutes later clouds everywhere and pouring rain!


  2. We got rain that night after the washing was in, but the down pipe to the tank wouldn’t stay put – had it there temporarily as waiting for the handyman to do it when he gets back to the verandah. We got 10-15mm.


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