Food Garden Fails

One thing that I’m not so good at is growing food.

Some weeks ago I attended a Community Foodies workshop and found myself seated next to a woman who not only can grow anything, but she gets her kids to eat it and like it too!

Even though I gave excuse after excuse on why I was not getting such good returns, the lady was still incredulous when I said I had managed to grow four artichokes in four years.  Because she grew 16 the first year.

My excuses begin with the climate; too windy, too cold, too hot, not enough rain.  Unfortunately  for me, she has the same disadvantages. That’s when I mention the poor clay soil, which she also has.

The truth?  It’s me. I’m lazy.  Can’t be bothered watering, I mean to bring in manure but never get around to it.  I tell myself things like, “when I move the garden closer to the house I will do better etc”  But when I did this, I still failed.  My new one is “once the new tank has water in it, I’ll be able to just turn the hose on” etc.  You will have to wait and see whether things improve.

Broccoli ‘fails’

Finally I pulled out the last card I had up my sleeve, and told her that I had no trouble growing silverbeet/chard etc and that I liked to hide it in things like lasagne because the kids ate it all up then without complaining.  But of course she doesn’t have to hide it from her kids, they gobble it up boiled!


3 responses to this post.

  1. PS was kind of premenstrual that day…


  2. Doesn’t matter where you go, there is always someone like that! I bet when she had those little vegetable munchers she popped them out without even a labour pain 😦


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