A Year for Bushfires.

I’m tired and fed up, we are all worn out at this time of the year, and there is nothing but hot weather ahead. The town pool needed repairs so there is nowhere to swim, and my big white elephant of a new tank sits there still waiting to be filled. Even the November storms are failing us this year. Most years if early spring is dry we can rely on a few cracking good downpours to make up for it. But this year, nada. This was supposed to be the year that I would no longer have to go to the town standpipe to get water for the garden. Huh!

Instead the storms have been dry and instead of rain there has been fire. A big bushfire is still burning near Port Lincoln as I write this, the second one in two weeks down that way. Two weeks ago smoke from fires all around the place covered the hills here, and a couple nights ago we woke to the smell of smoke from the Coomunga fire that is more than 300km away.

In January there was a big fire near Wilmington, which kept us all busy for a few days, here it is.

But gum trees in the area as I drive around are looking green and are growing regardless. It is said that trees go green when rain is on its way. I think it has something to do with underground water being released as the air pressure drops. But I am not sure if I am merely misreading these signs as they do put out new leaves this time of the year regardless. We shall see.



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