Let go and let God.

I finally did it. After months of dreading what I would find, I finally went out to face this year’s tree plantings, and watered what was left of them. But I also dread to think of how many hours of watering I would have had to do had more survived.

For three years I have been collecting seedlings from Trees for Life volunteers in Adelaide. The idea is they raise the 500+ seedlings, you plant them out on your country property and voila! A forest!

Success with the 2011 lot of trees

The reality is a little different. The first issue is getting them into the ground. I would have gotten less than half in the first time, I did better on the planting the past two years, but it is a commitment of many hours and some child labour. Then for the watering. If it is a good year, you will only need to water once a month from whenever the rain stops. But most of the time we don’t have good years here, and this year each week I would hope that the next rain would do it. More time was passed studying the weather forecast and desperately hoping for rain than watering, which I hate doing. By the time I knew I really had to water, I would think of the time it would take to water 500+ trees and decide to wait and hope until next week.

Finally, once I got to the stage that most of the trees were dead, only then could I contemplate getting out there to those back blocks to water and mulch. Half of me was regretting not doing it sooner, the other half was glad at having less watering to do.

Next time I’m going to try direct seeding. This is the ‘let go and let God’ part. Because as Farmer Tom said, “they know when to come up.” It sounds perfect for me, no tedious planting out, no tedious watering.  I simply scatter the seed, but I will make some effort in planting seeds in the furrows I have. And the rest will be God’s job.

Then I need to apply the same to my writing career. Be less obsessed with site stats and their ilk and plant more seeds (=blog posts, ebooks, letters to publishers, enter competitions etc). Let God do the rest.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Audrey Christophersen on December 5, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    You did well. The trees you were able to grow are good preparation for further plantings. Every tree that grows is doing the country good making habitat for tiny creatures and shade for bigger ones. The soil is improved by the litter dropped from those trees and if you had not planted the ones that survived the country would be a lot worse off.


  2. Thanks Audrey


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