Survival mode vs Creative mode

Recent happenings in my life have made me return to survival mode, after a few months of creative mode.

In Minecraft, you have to work for every little thing in survival mode. In life, it’s working hard just to get the basics done, get through the day. In creative mode in Minecraft, everything is there for the taking, it’s up to you what you use it for. In life it’s the spare energy and motivation rather than resources that you have at your disposal. I don’t know if I need to say that achievements, whatever size they are, seem bigger in survival mode.

In the garden also there is survival mode and creative mode. In summer, when gardening wise I am in survival mode, all my time and energy go into keeping the garden alive, and even then there are still deaths. Needless to say not much else gets done. But once the weather cools, and rains come, and the watering is taken care of, then and only then can you get creative, and start building things – ponds, stone walls, gazebos, etc.

The watering

The watering

The above photo has Edi in it. He and I used to spend hours watering. Now it’s just me that spends hours watering!


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