Some Really Good Shit

It’s now been seven months since we had a good rain of over an inch. The only rain that has come since then happened when our darling Misty died.  And one other time just before things went pear-shaped.

The garden has pretty much shut down, except for the well-established natives that have been able to access water somewhere down there. There have been quite a few deaths in the garden in that time.

It hasn’t been all gloom and doom though; some of my deciduous and fruit trees are looking better than ever, thanks to Sharon’s poop water.

Sharon's garden with Ozziclean in centre of photo

Sharon’s garden with Ozzi Kleen in centre of photo

Sharon has an Ozzi Kleen, a sewage treatment plant that puts out all the water straight on to the garden. And her trees have just taken off.

At home I was watering my sad trees that had done nothing for 3 years, and slowly came to the conclusion that I should have some of what she’s having. And from then, once a month I have gone round to Sharon’s with my trailer and water cube, and brought me home her famous ‘poop water’. Which has actually helped, although not as much as if you had one on site, but I have been pleased with the results.

One man's crap...

One man’s crap…


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  1. […] apple trees below.These have grown a lot in the past two years, after getting a few good doses of Sharon’s poop water. Many people have said that you can’t grow apples in Quorn, but this is one of the handful of […]


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