Rain at last!

Very thankful to have received an inch of rain at long last, just when the tanks were so low I was thinking about water night and day.

The rain was a lovely slow and steady one, and the land greedily slurped it up. The garden, or what is left of it after many deaths over the months, is already looking refreshed. And just as planting season has arrived (hooray!) Over the summer I have had  a joy in my heart about the plants I would put in to replace the ones that did not stand up to that very dry year. It almost feels like the dawn of a new era in the garden.


The land sighs with relief.

Of course for us to get good rain, further south must cop it. When we get really good rain it usually means that Melbourne is under water!

We have not heard from our frogs for a very long time. I wonder if they will wake up now.


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