Autumn Delights

The weather this past week has been of unbelievable heat and humidity that we should not be getting this far into March, but I suppose it is to make up for the lovely mild two weeks we had in late January. And good heat usually means good winter rains to come.

The plants in the garden seem to run off their own calendar, so even it it doesn’t feel like Autumn, the signs are there.

This is what said good morning to me last week:

Autumn Crocuses

Autumn Crocuses

Then I saw a few yellowing leaves on the Golden Rain Tree. Hurray!


Golden Rain Tree – Pride of China

There were also blackberries to be found hiding underneath the foliage of the thornless blackberry bush. And the apples are still on the Granny Smith in the orchard over the septic overflow (last year they were knocked off on a windy day).


Granny Smiths.

I am also greeted by a happy display of flowers in my plants house. These are all waiting to be planted out, but look so pretty there I’ve held off!

Waiting for their turn

Waiting for their turn

For years I could not make up my mind what my favourite thing about autumn was, couldn’t decide if it were the crocuses or the autumn leaves. Then last year I finally realized that was the light; the gentle autumn light on the ranges.




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