What flower are you?

Life’s been kind of tough lately, the kind of tough that makes you rail a little bit at God and why He’s dumped a whole pile of shit on you. Sharon’s answer is that good gardeners put more manure on certain plants so that they bear more fruit!

However it has also come to mind that perhaps I do better under adverse conditions.

I have always loved cacti, ever since I was a kid, maybe even starting with the day I fell in some in  my grandma’s garden. I certainly took notice of them after that! But I have always related to their prickliness, I’ve never been able to do “nice”! And then there is that other question, what the hell am I doing here, trying to garden in this most difficult place? Perhaps I do prefer life to be challenging.

Bolivian Cactus

Bolivian Cactus

Last year I noticed that the grief monster, as my fellow widsters refer to him, was not really hanging around much any more. Now what? I started to think. I then wrote in my journal that this wasn’t an invitation for more crap, but too bad, it came anyway.

So what kind of flower are you? Are you a rose, someone who pretends to be delicate, but underneath is as tough as they come? Or are you an Andamooka lily, hiding safely underground but popping up as soon as sweet summer rain falls? I would be curious to know what other flowers are out there.


Andamooka Lilies


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