More poo secrets – spread it round!

At last we have had a little rain, enough to start the winter grass growing and the farm tractors working. More of course is needed. But I have been happily planting things this weekend, some of which have had to wait in the shade house for years!

Of course any day now we will have the first frost, so things that might have grown at last will be hindered. That is the trouble with this place. The main issue is lack of water, but we also contend with bad soil, high winds, lots of winter frosts, extreme heat, we get it all.

And this is where horse manure comes in. Sharon has pointed out to me that if you spread it around the garden in autumn, it keeps the soil warm for just that bit longer as it breaks down, thus extending the autumn growing season. By how long, I’m not sure.

I really noticed the difference horse manure makes when put on top of mulch in my pink garden bed last year. Whilst mulch is needed to maintain moisture and keep plant roots cool, wood-based mulches temporarily deprive the soil of nitrogen as they break down. But horse manure counteracts it.

The pink garden

The pink garden



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