Among the flowers that do well at my place, is the jonquil, that flower with the overpowering stench.

The cream and gold ones

Cream and gold ones

When my mother was small she gathered herself a bunch where some grew wild and her father warned her against bringing them inside the car, but like all children my mum had to find out the hard way. A few miles down the road she was feeling ill, so out they went and Mum has never wanted jonquils ever again, not even outside in the garden.

I have come to love them in recent years because they are something that not only survives my garden’s conditions, but thrives and multiplies.

2009 - 2012

Misty with the white jonquils

The first lot I got were pure white, and I planted them in Edi’s garden. I have not seen them this year yet – perhaps they died with Misty.

Later I was given lots of creamy ones, which I put everywhere. These are flower here and there, and bring cheer.

I think

I think I’m falling in love with these Erlicheer jonquils.

Last year I finally got my hands on some Erlicheer jonquils, and they are just coming into flower. I love the frills, because I have never been able to wear the really girly stuff, but in the garden I can get away with them;

and this year I got golden ones for the yellow garden.

'Soleil D'or'

‘Soleil D’or’

With all these flowers out, and the sun shining, and birds singing, and the green green grass, and my back verandah all finished, and the grey shale sprayed and looking neat for a change, it is starting to feel like a little bit of paradise here.

Rain clouds on their way.

Rain clouds on their way.




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