Small joys

Well I am over my early spring funk, and have some wild winds to thank for that. Both the warm northerlies and the cool southerlies have blown those bad old memories away. Now I am enjoying the new things coming into flower in the garden.

The purple garden is going crazy, and I’m liking the new border made out of old bricks around it. This was done to try and stop the chooks from making such a mess when I let them out of their yard. That big bush is Eremophila nivea.

The purple garden

The purple garden

As you drive up to the house another purple eremophila greets you, E. mackinlayi. The little pink thing is Frankenia pauciflora (I think). None these plants need water once they’ve been in a few months.

The bluebush patch

The bluebush patch

My so-called yellow garden has lovely purple irises in it, and a few orange and yellow flowers. When I look back to what was there two years ago I am amazed at the growth. I am also amazed at how pleased I was when was little there was was in full flower.

Yellow garden now

Yellow garden now

Go back two years…

The yellow garden then.

The yellow garden then.

I am really looking forward to what this garden bed will look like in a few weeks, as it is at its best in October.  Maybe we’ll even have a decent rain between now and then. We can only hope!


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