A gift from God

A gift from God

A gift from God

Sometime when life’s storms threaten to overwhelm us it is the small blessings that get us through. To all people who have faced such a storm in recent times, be it a typhoon or a media storm, look forward to the good that will come with it.




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  1. That’s beautiful! And just what I was thinking today, remembering all the good that has come from some past storms and reminding myself that there are still some silver linings around 🙂
    Thanks for a great post!


  2. Somehow I lost our correspondence, so I am responding here.
    We live in far west Texas, down where the Rio Grande and Texas dip into Mexico. Rough pink granite mountains and cliffs rising out of the flats. We took the photos on my “about” page to record a rare wet year. We have also had multiyear droughts, but watering kept our trees alive. Usually we look more like your photos but we’re where the valley opens into the plain. Our more spectacular lands are just south of here in Big Bend National Park. You can take a look there.
    Don’t worry about lack of numbers on your blog. I started blogging to be more social which is nice when it happens, but I realized I really blog for myself ; the sense of creativity and order that I get when I write–and writing about books helps me get out of myself.
    Do you have an email address? I haven’t mastered facebook and twitter is too brief for me.


    • Yes I do it’s tarla_k@hotmail.com
      I know all about multiyear droughts too, we only need a couple of years with rain before the locals say that we’re due for a dry one again.
      The plants in your picture are ones we have a lot of around here!
      I love the look of yellow grass and blue sky. Green is nice but doesn’t move me the same way.


    • PS Thanks for reminding me that writing is about reaching one reader at a time, and not about numbers. I seem to keep forgetting that!


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