Neverending heat and cold

It’s been a long hot summer, so there is not much going on in the garden apart from lots of watering. This year I have been able to give plants rainwater as my new tank filled during the nice wet winter we had. So I have had fewer deaths in the garden lately. Funny, but one or two plants always cark it straight after the first rain in a long time. Wonder why? Hopefully we will get some this weekend, it might finally put out that big bushfire that has been burning further south for over three weeks. It was under control but the north wind and the high heat on Saturday got it going again.  We have had it very hot the past month with only a few days below 40 degrees C.

In the meantime people in the States have had neverending cold. A reader from Texas, and fellow dry land gardener Marilyn Brady has sent me photos of snow on desert plants.

sometime this summer/winter

Sometime this summer/winter

She has it cooler but drier and can only grow zucchini, which is pretty much the main thing I grow here in summers. As a child in milder climes I loved growing tomatoes over summer but it takes more effort than it is worth to do that here.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm


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