Beautiful blue plumbago

It’s a over a month since the big rain, and plants are starting to look thirsty again, although there are some exceptions like this lovely deep blue plumbago, which always looks best as summer goes into autumn. It is a pretty hardy plant when it comes to heat but it hates frost, so I have had to plant it in sheltered places in my garden.

Beautiful blue plumbago

Beautiful blue plumbago

It’s been a funny season so far, one month of autumn has already gone, but I have not had that lovely autumn mood that I usually love. I’m supposed to fall in love with this place all over again, and not be able to get enough of that lovely autumn light. I have been wondering why, and I think it is a combination of a few things, the weather for one, has been too hot or too cold to make it feel like autumn. I have also been rather busy traipsing all over the countryside taking my kids to mainly swimming-related things. And the third is that my autumn crocuses are late.

Many years we’ve had rain bang on the end of February, which has made the autumn crocus emerge a couple of days into March. Our rain was two weeks early, so the crocuses in my garden are late this year. One is only just unfurling now.

Autumn Crocus

Autumn Crocus




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