Goji berries

Nearly five years have passed since I planted my goji berry bush. .Although it is a close relation of the African Boxthorn, which people around here curse, it comes from the Himalayas and is not as vigorous where I live.

The tag had a lovely picture of mountains on it and I decided I would plant it for Edi, who had at that time had ‘not long to go’. After saying goodbye to him on the 6th May 2009, I wanted to plant it then and there, but made myself wait until I’d heard of his death. When the headlines came on I would look at the TV for some strange reason, half expecting to hear it there. But it was after dark by the time the doctor phoned.

The goji berry bush

The goji berry bush

Next morning, my first morning as a widow, in it went. Later on I found out that it prefers shade – oh well!  Finally we are getting good fruit from it. Each one I eat I think of all the lovely vitamins it is said to have.

Goji berry

Goji berry


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