May the 4th and 6th

On May the fourth, 2009, a couple of years before all the Star Wars stuff started appearing on that date, I began a garden. I finished clearing the last of the junk away in the area facing my kitchen window, and the first things went in.

On May the fourth

On May the fourth

Two days later, when my husband died, the area became Edi’s garden.

On my first morning as a widow.

On my first morning as a widow.

For three weeks, every morning I would get up at dawn and sit out there on those little plastic chairs and a have a cup of tea. I’d be out there for the half an hour before it was time to get the kids off to school. This little ritual made it possible to get through those early days before the real grief set in. Then winter came and it was too cold and dark to go out there.

Edi's garden after 1 month.

Edi’s garden after 1 month.

It is five years today that he died, and in that time the garden has come a long way. I wish I could say it was finished but there is a little stone wall that isn’t quite done yet.

Still one of the prettiest garden views I have.

Five years later (now).

It is now somewhere really worth sitting on those early mornings at this reflective time of the year.





Will just throw in a before and after shot of my kitchen window view:

Before - May 4th 2009

Before – May 4th 2009

After - May 6th 2014

After – May 6th 2014

Anyway, better go. Seeya.

May 2014



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