Where’s that _____ Snow Queen?

It has been quite a while since I have posted;  I wish I could say that it is because I have been too busy in the garden, but I have spent so little time there either that I ended up feeling alienated from it. The few hours at home I had would be spent hiding in my cave watching Seinfeld. Fortunately I have rectified the situation and have even continued a stone wall I hadn’t touched for a year.

That's me building that wall.

That’s me building that wall.

Earlier this month we had over a week of severe frosts, the worst frosts since June 2006, and some round here say in living memory as the timing was not good for the crops.

Looks like Elsa the snow queen has been by.

Looks like Elsa the snow queen has been by.

All of the things in my ‘frost free’ places were hit hard, but some lovely colours came out of it, before the leaves curled up.

Frost damage - the good

Frost damage – the good

And as for the lovely rain of autumn, that seems to have dried up, and it’s back to watching the forecasts and the clouds and hoping.

Frost damage - the ugly

Frost damage – the ugly




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