Things to look forward to

At this time of the year there is not a lot new and exciting in the garden, except in the area of food production (for a change). For weeks we have been eating Cape Gooseberries, which flourished despite the frosts of August and the dry months that have gone by since then.

Any day now!

Any day now!

Soon we will be digging into these apricots (above) that are growing in the septic orchard. This tree has been in five years now, as have the apple trees below.These have grown a lot in the past two years, after getting a few good doses of Sharon’s poop water. Many people have said that you can’t grow apples in Quorn, but this is one of the handful of success stories about the place. Others are the school garden and the Brooker’s garden.


We also have quinces growing in the citrus orchard near the purple garden but not much citrus as I keep promising myself that next year I will water it properly but next year never comes.

Vegie patch

Vegie patch.

Maya has been carefully tending the vegie patch this year, she can’t stay away from the place. Despite the lack of rain over spring things have been growing well. She says that the smell of the tomato plants is the best smell in the world, so that might be what draws her back each evening. I love that smell too, it takes me straight to childhood summers in the gardens of my grandparents Kramer at Modbury and Uncle Martin and Aunty Net at Lobethal. Soon we will eat our first tomatoes and I am looking forward to that blissful moment as you bite into something with real flavour that you have grown yourself.


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