A holiday at home

Finally after six dry months we had a good rain the other week, around 60mm. We did not see the sun for over a week. All through it the children played outside, mainly on the big slide, the bottom of which fills with water, but much time was also spent on chairs on the back verandah.

On the big slide

On the big slide

The weather was so different to our usual intense days of blue skies and heat that it felt like we were somewhere different and exotic. Meals also were eaten outside, adding to the holiday mood.

Amaru outside for a change.

Amaru outside for a change.

However the holiday is over. With the ground soft at last, and no watering needed for a week or two, I have been busy working on pond #2 and pond #3.

Pond #2

Pond #2

Pond #2 is under the back verandah. I had a little fibreglass pond here but every time the area flooded (as above), the thing would float and then dirt would wash into the cavity. I took it out and planned to put in an old heavy bathtub, but hadn’t finished the digging as the ground was so hard. Now it’s had a good soak.

Pond #3

Pond #3

Pond #3 has finally been dug out and the fibreglass pond put in here instead. Next to it will be a polythene-lined bog with local sedges in it, which I’m hoping will be very frog friendly – it’s been years since I heard a croak. I’m looking to do a bit of a creek bed a like fellow Quornie Cindy Hay (her garden below).

Cindy Hay's creek bed.

Cindy Hay’s creek bed.


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