Something done finally

Not much has happened in the garden lately or on this blog; school started again, and then my eldest moved to Adelaide to start uni – before he left I got him to help me install the bath pond under the verandah where the little fibreglass one used to be.

April 2015

That bath had sat there 6 months on rollers waiting to go in, but it was so dry I did not bother trying to dig. Then along came some nice rain in January, and once it soaked into the soil I was able to dig. Antonio helped me with the bath just before he left towards the end of February. It annoys me by looking lopsided even though according to the spirit level it is almost perfect. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until the plants grow some and disguise it.

I have also finally got back to working on my dry creek bed, which I’d not touched for two months. Some of my excuses involve the hot dry weather, but I’ve also embarked on a couple of writing courses which have taken my attention away from Gardiner in a dry land.

April 2015

Over summer I had put all my water plants back into the brick pond and covered it. Late March when I take the cover off, which I love, because I can see the sky reflected in the water again, I began planting things out around the other two ponds.

April 2015

After that I drained all the water from the brick pond into here, gave the brick pond a good mucking out, and then set up the little fountain once again.

April 2015

I really do love my ponds. When I was a kid I wanted a pond badly, but the answer was always no. My parents had a whole set of reasons. But now I have three!


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  1. Just pottering around your blog. I read another blogger who’s a keen gardener and badly wants a pond. I like the idea but not the maintenance work. You can tell I’m not really a gardener but one who likes to potter when the whim takes me.


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