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Pink Garden…4 years on

This was made four years ago, and like the other areas of the garden, some things have thrived for a season then died. Some areas have progressed and others are a bit neglected.


Happy Easter!

There is not much happening in the garden thanks to there being almost no rain since early January, but despite the dryness this Easter Lily has popped up out of nowhere to give us a lovely surprise.

April 2015

This made up for the non-appearance of my naked ladies after the rain in January, even though they flowered just about everywhere else around here.

Self Control

The pink garden

The pink garden

My dainty South African ice plants

Gladly share the garden bed

and never overextend themselves.

Unlike that fat pigface we all know with the pale yellow flowers

But once a year in October they let their hair down and what a party!


The yellow garden

The garden-bed hogs, the pigfaces.

Those garden-bed hogs, the pigfaces.

Highlights from Winter 2014

Just a few photos to make up for the lack of posts since about May!

Look what else came up!


In the ‘pink’ garden

After years of one crocus at a time I finally have abundance!

A few days later

Crocuses galore


Autumn is coming!

Finally the heat is off and there are only a few mild summer days left before autumn is here. We did get a lovely rain at the end of that very hot four weeks, almost two inches, most of it falling in the afternoon which led to minor flooding around here, and that lovely sight of the creeks flowing for a short time. At last the big Bangor bushfire further south was dealt with.

Maya in the rain

Maya in the rain

The Easter Lilies that came up late January finally flowered, they looked a bit sad but I did have rather a stuggle keeping them alive in that awful heat. I planted these five years ago, and this is the first time they’ve flowered, after I moved them two years ago. They must be happier here than where they were before.

Easter Lilies in the pink garden

Easter Lilies in the pink garden

The song of the magpies each morning gives us joy during this part of the year. Autumn has a way of making me feel optimistic when it begins. But I’m starting to get why some people get melancholy, had a touch of that last year in mid autumn, for the first time. Or is this some mid-life thing?

I love the domestic mood autumn gives me, that ‘let’s get the house ready for winter’ time, and daydreaming of hot soups and puddings and oven-cooked meals and marshmallows by the fire. I prefer it to the restlessness of spring.