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Purple garden, five years on

Sadly, this is one of those areas which was my pride and joy eight years ago, but has been overshadowed by the newer areas. This is all I can find from the blog over the years. My poor neglected purple garden!


From my grandma’s swing chair

It’s been nearly three weeks since the 45mm rain, and so I have been out watering this morning. In between hose-moves I’ve sat in the old swing chair that belonged to my grandmother, which is by the shed.

Before we built the house Edi and I with our three littlies sat here every morning, and had a cup of coffee and biscuits, while gazing out over the range. There was not much to look at in the garden back then.

Seven years ago

Seven years ago

Since we moved here 5 1/2 years ago I have hardly used this swing chair, so when I do it’s like a trip back in time, and I can see how much the garden has progressed. The plants that is, on my behalf the area is suffering from serious neglect and needs a revamp.

From the swing chair.

From the swing chair now.

Autumn brings us endless sunshine with more gentle temperatures, and the caterpillars begin to march in long lines across the dirt roads around here. I try to avoid them, but this morning there was one lot stretched across the entire road when I took the kids to school.

Birds seem busier; crows caw, magpies warble and eagles soar while sparrows flit about. I don’t see them much in summer, and that could be because I’m in hiding, or perhaps they are too.

Leyla the 15-year-old cat has come to join me here on this chair as I try to write my ‘Nanobook’, a novel I started last November (National Novel Writing Month). The words are not coming very easily.

One thing I have no trouble writing is my journal, which is an extended version of this blog, or rather, this blog is a snippet of my journal. I started three months after Edi died and so far I have filled eleven 128 page notebooks with my scrawly writing – I’ve had lots to chronicle. That’s about three 80-90,ooo word books. Come on publishing houses – these books will help lots of people through a  lot of crap! Don’t make me self-publish them!

Small joys

Well I am over my early spring funk, and have some wild winds to thank for that. Both the warm northerlies and the cool southerlies have blown those bad old memories away. Now I am enjoying the new things coming into flower in the garden.

The purple garden is going crazy, and I’m liking the new border made out of old bricks around it. This was done to try and stop the chooks from making such a mess when I let them out of their yard. That big bush is Eremophila nivea.

The purple garden

The purple garden

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Oh, the garden

Well apart from the re-veg efforts there are a few places on my block where I have attempted to make garden beds.

The first garden bed goes back to 2005, and by 2006 a purple theme was emerging.  Somewhere I had read that purple was the colour of sexual frustration, and to cut to the chase, I was in a what you might call a dry period in my marriage.  Child #4, an accident had just been born (despite contraceptives),  so I wasn’t getting any!

Behind the purple garden we planted mainly citrus which very rarely receive enough water to fruit with, but there are a few mandarins this year.

The purple garden

The purple garden

This photo certainly captures the dryness of where I live.  But after 2 reasonable winters and one really good winter, it was looking like this last spring:

Purple garden looking much more purple!

Of course the odd layer of mulch has done wonders too.

Irises. A hailstorm cut them to ribbons some days later!

Said hubby died May 2009 so I am in danger of turning the whole place purple!  The most important gardening tip I learnt from him was to plant plants deeply so there was a little hollow you could fill with water over summer.