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My winter photo


Over the years my daughter Maya has taken pictures of me in my garden, usually in the middle of winter, starting in 2009, our first winter in this house. My husband had died the previous month, so the look on my face that year was a bit not me. But over the years things have improved, on my face and in the garden.

I did not realize that the winter photo had become a tradition until I looked back and saw that I had done it most years (except for 2012).  I have never made the photos public, because in them I am wearing my worst clothes, clothes which I very often wear in the garden.



Yellow garden, five years on

The pond, five years on


Monty Don has done it again, this time he’s made me go mad with the clippers (I have 3 different ones, secateurs, hedge trimmers and a heavy duty lopping one).

July 2015

This has happened to me before when I’ve been away and have read someone else’s gardening diary be it Monty Don or Kate Llewellyn, and last week I sat there reading The Ivington Diaries at my mother’s house while it rained and was foul all week. It was a wonderful proper winter week, sometimes the sun comes out when we head to Adelaide to see some rain. And as I read I was itching to get back home and get gardening. Only trouble I was up to the bit where he was trimming hedges when I got here…

July 2015

Think I ended up with more vegetation on the ground than on the shrubs!

July 2015

Gardening has always been like that for me… and writing and blogging too. Months of almost nothing interspersed with frantic activity.

July 2015

Adelaide Hills vs Flinders Ranges

I did not always think the Adelaide Hills anything special until I moved up to the rugged Flinders. Now I see that they are beautiful all year round, whether it is green grass and blue agapanthus in summer or autumn or spring colour. Even in winter they are lovely where bulbs are planted.

My tiny bit of Adelaide hills

My tiny bit of Adelaide hills

I planted these jonquils in April and next to the bare branches of the gleditsia, they have reminded me of the Adelaide Hills for the past month or so.

Foggy Morning

A rainy Sunday in Quorn

We get so few of these as most of our rain falls in the night. But a lovely day, soft rain without a breath of wind. Perfect to sit on the outside sofa and watch the cats and local birds do their thing.